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About Us


Create an online shopping community without borders by quick delivery to anywhere in the world.



Provide supply chain management solutions for cross-border e-commerce companies that promotes in a transparent, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective manner.



• Simplify the tasks and start with what we can do best.

• Follow the principle that open communication creates productive relationships, and commit to sharing information in a clear, timely and accurate fashion. 

• Continuously assess ways to add value for clients, business partners, colleagues and stakeholders through consistent pursuit of excellence and commitment to our shared values.

• Build lasting relationships with our clients by focusing on win-win value propositions.





Founded November 2012 in Shanghai, China, WINIT Information Technology Co. is an integrated supply chain solutions provider for cross-border e-commerce, with warehouses in China, United States, Britain, Germany, and Australia, and more than 700 employees worldwide. Our service covers logistic, financing and information three flows and the goal is to offer an effective supply chain managements solutions that helps cross-border ecommerce sellers localize their supply chain operations, shorten time to buyers, and improve buyer experience, in order to enhance sellers' competitiveness in marketplaces worldwide.

WINIT’s proprietary KPI monitoring system helps guarantee same-day shipping on 95 percent of orders. It assigns each product a unique global serial number that allows per-unit tracking from pickup to delivery--through the entire network of warehouses and intermodal logistics services--with an accuracy rate of over 99 percent. By partnering with reputable service providers, WINIT is able to pool resources to offer our clients the most competitive pricing, and provide transparent end-to-end tracking by linking each provider into one easy-to-use monitoring system.

In addition, WINIT provides financing that offers sellers lower interest rates and higher loan maximums than general peer-to-peer lending services. This is an easy way for sellers to reduce overall operations costs. Sellers can also gain advantages by using WINIT’s real-time data tracking to characterize regional and global sales trends, efficiently tie inventory to product demand, promptly address customer feedback, and accurately forecast sales and revenue.

In November 2014, WINIT partnered with eBay to provide online auction customers a customized overseas warehousing service; eBay sellers now can leverage WINIT’s core competencies to land and expand new business in a timely, reliable and transparent manner.

Chinese cross-border commerce succeeds when it can compete against local vendors in overseas markets. WINIT’s logistics network lets sellers compete in four major overseas markets; we partner with 9 local last miles partners provides sellers access to more than 40 types of delivery services. In the two years since WINIT entered into the overseas marketplace with the opening of Australian warehousing services, WINIT has become a well-recognized partner in the international e-commerce community and poised to continue its high rate of growth and expansion in the coming years.

WINIT is continuously assessing ways to add value for clients, business partners, colleagues and stakeholders through consistent pursuit of excellence and commitment to our shared values. This means we are always looking for ways to improve upon our global network, increase product diversity, improve user experience, and seek out efficiencies--so our clients can guarantee the best possible customer experience while keeping their own costs low. This is what embodies effective cross-border e-commerce for our clients, and this is what WINIT strives to deliver. We look forward to working with you.

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